My dream for Bloom started after I attended a Mom’s Night in Charlotte hosted by Natalie. The night was so impacting and there was something incredible about moms gathering together. Instantly, I wanted every mom to attend something like it.

A seed was planted.

In the fall of 2016, I was talking to my friend Ashley about my idea for Bloom. She encouraged me to go for it.  The beauty of having a friend who cheers you on and tells you to go for your dreams is such a gift. With a nervous, yet excited spirit, I took the step forward.

As I worked on planning the first Bloom Conference, my friend, Melissa, offered to help as needed. Little did she know how much she would end up helping.

Flash forward to May 2017, Melissa and I launched Bloom. The night was a dream come true and as moms left they were already asking when the next event would be.

A dream had turned into a reality.

My love for planning and encouraging moms had combined into a spectacular gift- Bloom Conference.  It has been a joy to run this conference with Melissa and we are so thankful for this opportunity!